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Originally Posted by BrokenCrimson
I'm a girl.Why must you assume that everyone who has a problem with you 0nline has a dick? Maybe because there are no girls on the internet? Look at my avatar and username - voila.

I don't have any personal misery except for the fact that I don't like retards, such as you. It's useful to get to know a forum and lurk first, and it's incredibly irritating when people just barge in, especially since we just had our fair share of Joey Jordison related discussion. Discussing whether he is overrated or not is probably the most cliched topic on a metal forum. Now go post some worthwhile questions, drum clips or techniques.

_Punkee_Sara_ - Your testimony doesn't count. If you think your opinion about your friend's playing matters to anyone who doesn't know you, you have serious ego issues.

OK I dont really give a shit if you are a girl or not anyway. Even it were a dumb topic who the fuck are you to tell me what to do? Who the fuck do you think you are bitching at me for starting a topic, haha how sad, obviously you dont have anything better to do bitch.
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