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Originally Posted by _Punkee_Sara_
first yoo thought it was about to get sexy THEN yoo thought it was about to get dirty teehee make up your mind dude! lol **smiles**

Sexy and dirty can be both one in the same.

As far as Joey being overrated; Hell yeah. He's more overrated than Lars Ulrich and Travis Barker combined. He's better than both of them, but..... well let me say this; I think if he had the courage to get out of slipknot, I think he could be a better drumming. Don't ask me why I think this, but slipknot has just stifled whatever potential they had and Joey's the only one who still shows such potential. He should kick Corey in the nuts, leave, and follow a different path from nu-metal and the such. Until then, he's nothing more than a dude who can do fast double bass.

Also, his blast beats are fucking sloppy as hell live. And his snare sounds like crap. I used to like that staccato snapping sound most snares make, but I've kind of warmed up to snares that ring out a little.

I see Fall Out Boy in the favorite music section of her profile. >_>


Keep checking for new crap.

Originally Posted by Amadeus
It's really sad, all those people who don't understand why we shouldn't act like our enemies. The real victory is not only killing and imprisoning the terrorists, but also letting civilized manners override the lust for revenge, once the battle is over.
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