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"... is a nonprofit performance rights organization jointly controlled by artists and sound recording copyright owners through an 18-member board of directors with nine artist representatives and nine copyright owner representatives. We have been designated by the U.S. Copyright Office to collect and distribute statutory royalties to sound recording copyright owners and featured and nonfeatured artists."

They are also a bunch of lazy venal pigfuckers too slack to inform the artists whose royalties they've collected that they are in fact owed money. And many of these artists are in bands we listen to. AND it appears that this money isn't available to them past December 15.

You know there isn't much money in metal. A lot of guys in bands work second jobs and have families. Music is their life, but their hobbies like EATING and BUYING STUFF mean cutting a few corners. The fact they are owed money from an organisation too lazy to give it to them is fucking GALLING.

Take a look at this list.

Just in 'A', I managed to find Alabama Thunderpussy, Amorphis, Annihilator and Agnostic Front. They've all got emails from me in the last few minutes, which I sincerely hope they answer.

SO. If you can bear to traverse their piece-of-badly-coded-shit website, find a few more bands and make yourself useful instead of masturbating yourself reckless to dwarf porn all day.
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