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Sounds good...

EDIT: What's so 'custom' about the SD Custom?

EDIT2: Hmm, Im leaning towards the Jazz. I don't like my Paf and cant find any 7 string versions of the Paf pro on ebay anyhow. So it will probably be a SD pup. Theres a great range, does anyone know where I can find reliable info on the pups? (I checked site ages ago, I know there are sound clips, but they are not that reliable and do not sound very distinguished).

EDIT3: Well, I've just about landed on the Jazz. Especially due to my new Jazz interest, I think this pickup will be great. On the SD site the sound samples for the Jazz sound better clean IMO than the 59, distortion or others. The Jazz's is much deeper and lovely than the others. However, surprisingly, the Distortion comes close. Closer than the '59 in fact. However, i'm not really looking for an 80's type lead tone. It was the reason that I changed the stock pickup in the first place.
I guess i'll just mod the fuck out the Jazz's lead tone, looking into that boost pedal, and a GT8 is near

I'm still very open to suggestions. . . I'm making my mind up well this time
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