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Originally Posted by Soeru
Never played any of these, but I have a PAF Pro laying around that will soon be installed in one of my axes along with an X2N.

For cleans, the absolute best sound IMO is that of a single coil in the neck pos. Like the slanted coil in my Charvel Model 5FX:

Sounds sweet, even though it's just the stock Jackson pickup. I'm sure a storebought singlecoil will sound even better.

Now I'm not saying you should mod your guitar for a singlecoil, but I suggest trying an axe with one and make up your mind. Or get a coil splittable humbucker(like the PAF Pro! ) or a low output bucker like the humbucker from hell(Dimarzio, sounds like a singlecoil).

Your static/noise can be fixed by throwing a Boss NS2 in your amp's effects loop. Btw, I don't know if Peavey Bandits have decent clean sounds...

Thats the next model up from mine i believe. I have the hss setup. That one is probably the one i would much more prefer.
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