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Originally Posted by Cloaca
Even though he certainly has a fair bit of skill, you can't say he's really good after watching players like Mike Mangini, Bobby Jarzombek, Vinnie Colaiuta etc.

i think jordinson is a good start for a drummer interested in metal, overrated,yes, but its by the uninitiated. annoying but forgivable

the guys you mention are far more overrated, imo, however. you might as well of dropped buddy richs name. those guys are who what alot of the advanced drummers worship.

its like me saying steve vai and malmsteen are the real deal.

good doesnt always mean skilled. this is not to imply the joey can lay down some tasteful playing. but there is something to be said about playing what a song needs moreso than what polyrythymn and 64th note bombast can be thrown in at every bar.

just food for thought

Edit:mangini would be a sick death metal drummer, too bad he has that bereklee rep to uphold.
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