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"The best" clean pickup?

Well, yet another pickup dilemma for me.

Basically, I want to know what your favourite pickup is for clean tone (humbucker in the neck). I have a PAF right now, but it came broken new (ebay), and I am generally unimpressed with it's sound through my Peavey Bandit (It plays well on parallel wiring, but series has way too much static during silence, while playing static can't really be heard. This occurs on clean channel aswell. I have repotted it, to no avail).

Well, I guess the obvious option would be the Jazz, or any other low-output SD pup. How about the Air Norton or other Dimarzio pups??

My guitar is basswood, with a x2n7 loaded up in the bridge, but feel free to post about successfull wood/pup combinations you have achieved a great clean tone with

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