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There's now law that says you can't play C Locrian over a C maj chord. Yea it might now sound good on particular notes in the Locrian mode, but pitch axis tells us you can play any C mode over any C chord and make it work. The guidelines for what mode over what chord are outlined in my first post in this thread...

Mode - Chord Associated
----- ----------------
Ionian - Major

Dorian - Minor

Phrygian - Minor

Lydian - Major

Mixolydian - Major

Aeolian - Minor

Locrian - Diminished

If you wanna play C Locrain, play it over a C diminished chord. Each mode is associated with a particular chord type that it sounds best over. So C Ionian, C Lydian, and C Mixolydian would sound good over a C maj chord. Understand?
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