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Originally Posted by mrs. malicious
anything, as long as it's good

In that case...

- Vader - Torch of War (up to and including Piotr's solo)
- 1349- Sculptor of Flesh (totally psychotic riff that would be the perfect theme for The Shining)
- Necrophagist- Only Ash Remains (bass line)
- Iron Maiden- Aces High (classic)
- Mayhem- Life Eternal (my alltime fav BM song, soley because of the intro)
- Savatage- Hall of the Mountain King (who DOESNT know that riff)
- Marduk - With Satan and Victorious Weapons
- Cannibal Corpse- Covered With Sores
- Death- Trapped In a Corner
- Judas Priest- Painkiller (one of my gf's fav songs)
- Megadeth- Peace Sells (Ellefson's famous bass line)
- Opeth- The Grand Conjuration (everyone loves this song)
- Megadeth- Rust in peace...Polaris
- In Flames- behind Space (I hate In Flames but cant help but love that song)
- Vader- Wings (classic Vader)
- Ozzy- Crazy Train (duh)
- Nile- Sacrifice unto Sebek
- Morbid Angel- Vengeance is mine
- Vader- a World of Hurt

I also have a list of intros for non metal songs, might post it tomorrow, along with the outros. Heh
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