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Ok, here's my problem.

I dunno why, but I can't seem to tune all the strings to each other. I know what each perfect 4th between all the strings sound like (with the exception of the G and B strings, which are a major third), but whenever I play any 6 string or even 4 string chords, it's sounds out of tune. And the root of my problem is my G and B string. I tune them to each other, and they sound out of tune with the rest of the strings. I then tune them to the rest of the strings and they don't sound in tuned with each other. Also, whenever I play them just by themselves, they sound like shit, esspecially the G-String. On clean, it sounds like a cat screaming for air while fighting in a tied-up potato sack. On Overdrive, it still sounds like that except only more screaming.

I try to refrain from using tuners because after a while, you can't rely on them and you have to rely on your ears, which helps alot. I'm thinking the best solution to my problem is when I get new strings for my guitars, have wrapped strings for both G and B and maybe even the high e string. Would that do anything, or would I be wasting my time, and money?

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