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the truss rod

if you don't know what a truss rod is, hit the back button...

i got a question for the guitar neck truss rod:
how do you know what to tighten it or loosen it to?

what i'm trying to say is, when you buy really heavy strings
for a mediocure neck, there is a way to straighten the neck
so the strings won't bend the neck upward. like if you tighten it,
the neck gets sturdier(for heavy strings) and vise versa...
i already have enugh springs in the tremelo, i just want to know
how to change from,...let's say, 9s to 12s(estring). that big of a change
in tension will bend the neck.

all i know is, is that on an electric guitar, the rod screw is at the peg part
of the neck, and ends at the base next to the pickups...and on an acoustic,
the rod screw is at the base next to that hole, and the end is at the pegs...
i dont want to fuck with it now or it will ruin my guitar
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