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Originally Posted by ThornsOfHeaven200
Yes, I do understand what you are saying about the strings and saddles. That sucks, I really like pushing the bar all the way down and get sounds like the end of the world is nearing. How high(an octave??) can a reccessed floyd raise the pitch?(I dont have a Floyd on my guitars, I use the ones at Sam Ash all the time though)
Damn, now I have to reconsider getting the Kahler trem. I love doing deep dive bombs and those high pitched wails with the trems.
i doubt any trem can pull up 1 octave, cuz that a frikking lot, unles su play with 09's inB it wont realy work without breakign strings, but serious, a original floyd will do great for divebombs and high squeels IMO

< no wonder hes mad!!
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