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Originally Posted by k13m
well i always have my action low, so i guess the saddles are to, my guitar is at the builders place to get tsome more changes onit (since its a custom).

I was reading up about Kahler trems on the Moser forum and Neal was saying how the saddles are supposed to be set somewhat high and the neck angle has to be adjusted accordingly so the action can still be low.

Originally Posted by k13m
on akahler bridge, the strign stays in the asddle, but thers only a small bit that actualy moves on a kahler, where a ofr of edge completele moves when u pullup, divedown. get what im saying??

doing a divebomb on a kahler wont get the string to get realy loose, and therefore not get realy impressive divebombs, seriously, it sucks..

Yes, I do understand what you are saying about the strings and saddles. That sucks, I really like pushing the bar all the way down and get sounds like the end of the world is nearing. How high(an octave??) can a reccessed floyd raise the pitch?(I dont have a Floyd on my guitars, I use the ones at Sam Ash all the time though)
Damn, now I have to reconsider getting the Kahler trem. I love doing deep dive bombs and those high pitched wails with the trems. I'm gonna check out the Pro series Floyds that Soeru mentioned that are adjustable like the Kahler and see whats up with that. Thanks for the heads up though.
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