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In the very near future, I will be buying a 6 string bass
Im planning to buy a bass that Will be one of, if not the last bass I will ever need.
I am willing to go about as high as 2000 dollars US

I think ive got it narrowed down to 2 basses

spector euro lx6
custom gecko

the gecko would be a solid koa body with a walnut laminate top. Have a bolt-on wenge neck with an ebony fingerboayd. seymore duncan asb2 pickups. an aguilar obp-3 onboard preamp, and chrome hardware. added all up this would cost me about 1700 US(I have never played a gecko)

The spector is a gloss grey/blue flamed rock maple body. A neck through body. The neck has dual tuss rods and I believe is also made of rock maple. It has 2 emg-dc pickups and a spector tone pump electronics system. It also has gold hardware and comes with a spector case which all together would cost me about 2000 US(I have played this and really love it)

Im not sure which one to get, Im pretty much asking all the tech guys out there which one of these will last me the longest with the fewest problems if any at all.
Or, since I am open to anyones input, if I should go with something completely different. Any helpfull feedback is appreciated.
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