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Originally Posted by ThornsOfHeaven200
As for the pull up range, I remember reading that somewhere in the KahlerUSA site that the cam can be pulled up enough to reach one octave higher. But for the divebombs, I couldnt find any info, thats why i was asking. k13m, just curious, how high are the saddles on your Kahler?
well i always have my action low, so i guess the saddles are to, my guitar is at the builders place to get tsome more changes onit (since its a custom).

i explained this in another thread (i think the ran thread) but, on a ofr or edge rpo, when you dive bomb, the string gets off the saddle, it becomes a raly floppy piece of elastic (if u know what i mean) wioch maked the divebomb so extremely low.

on akahler bridge, the strign stays in the asddle, but thers only a small bit that actualy moves on a kahler, where a ofr of edge completele moves when u pullup, divedown. get what im saying??

doing a divebomb on a kahler wont get the string to get realy loose, and therefore not get realy impressive divebombs, seriously, it sucks..

ill find the other thing i sayd about kahlers and edit it in this post..comign son

< no wonder hes mad!!
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