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Originally Posted by ThornsOfHeaven200
That why I plan on going with Kahler, plus its insane pull up range (+1 octave, WOW). Anybody know the divebomb range, how many half steps?
whahahah u dont know half what kindof bullshit that is

i own i kahler, i have it on my custom guitar, and i shose a kahler for al the grewat things i heard and read about it, and serious, the kahler is nowhere compared to OFR's of edge pro's

the sustain is better on a kahler, but the divebomb reach of a kahler is more like half (maybe even less) of what a floyd/edge pro can do, and believe me i know

so if u realy want extreme divebombs and a good whammy bar for whammy tricks, get a OFR or even better a edge pro, wich are even slightly better if ur into crazy whammybar tricks..

EDIT: !!! i speak from my own experience with all the mentioned tremolo's, so i know wtf im talking about

< no wonder hes mad!!
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