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Nah, ignorant means being too opinionated and not able or willing to take advice from people. Which you do seem to be a bit, but no worse than a few others around here.

This was a nice, quite well used forum for drummers at one time, but (apart from the 4 or 5 that always were, and continue to be helpful and knowledgeable) it's gone to shit now.

Like so many of these things it's getting over-run by people who think reading forums alone is enough to make you a world class drummer. We all need advice or second opinions on things sometimes, but there's a breed of people coming along now who'd rather spend night after night wanking over YouTube watching heel/toe instruction videos and some kid do quads than sitting on the stool or behind their practice pad and doing some actual drumming.

Jam to your iPod, run through your rudiments or whatever exersises you need, make time to practice and spend less time on your hair and make-up, then maybe one day you'll have something useful to say.
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