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Originally Posted by Wakeness
That's cool. Good post. I was asking because I have the itch for a new set, (That doesn't mean I have the money) and I was looking at some set made by Monolith.
I don't know a lot about drums and theory, or resonance and shell material and all that shit, so thanks.
So if I understand you, I get the feeling I should stick to wood drums instead of the Carbon Fibre drums, so that the drums will sound "sharper" by absorbing some of the resonance, right?

thats the gist, but definately talk to other drummers who may know more about carbon fibre kits. i could be wrong on some counts about maple, thats just what i gathered from reading drum forums and stuff. i do know maple is the most popular wood right now and i think it suits those hydraulic 2 ply heads and powerstroke bassheads the best.

my acrylic kit is definately different from any wood kit i previously owned and i suspect carbon fibre would be similiar, i could be wrong tho.
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