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I prefer switching fingers for every note. Then again playing 4 fingers is weird.
(where i=index m=middle r=ring and p=pinky)
It seems to me that my method is a bit harder than the one finger per string technique, especially for stuff where you play one note on each string and swith the the other string, like this for ex:


But when you get to trickier patterns I think always switching fingers turns into an advantage:


Here I just need to keep moving through the imrp pattern so I don't have to figuring out if I should do i-m-r-i-m-r or some other strange pattern. I just play the way I usually do, I don't have to think about it.
Of course it's really up to the individual to choose which is better, I just find that mine is worse at some particular patterns but more versatile for strange or changing patterns.
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