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Originally Posted by sixsicsix
ive been told to NEVER remove all your strings, but to change them out one at a time taking off the next string as you get to it, I think it was tattered who said this but I could be wrong
I heard the same thing too. Then again, I've never seen Valtiel be wrong about anything, he seems to always know what he's talking about. Maybe if the neck is already warped then having all the strings off might be bad? Whenever I change strings I've always done them one at a time too so that there is only one string missing at any given time. Hmmm ...

Originally Posted by sixsicsix
avoid elixers...
my low b gets frayed after only a week or so of use(by that I mean the coating they apply starts to peel off) and i never touch a plectrum to my bass...EVER
I use Elixirs and the coating does not start coming off. It used to when I would nail the string violently against the fretboard la Steve Harris, but even since I stopped doing that so much, it's been fine. I still wouldn't recommend Elixirs though. The B string doesn't sound too good in the first place, and it dies out pretty quickly too. Also, on the set I'm currently playing, I broke 3 out of 5 strings. Jeez.
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