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Originally Posted by k13m
damn not steve..

whats weird though, like a year or more back, i heard a lotof rumours that he died of a snakebite, so im actualy kinda surprised that he just died instead of back then but man, i loved watching his shows, and his appearance on southpark was awesome to :P

that's what i had heard a couple years ago, that he was bitten by a two step..something....snake, and that he died before they could inject the anti-venom. i was rather distraught at the time until i found out it wasn't true, and that's why, when i heard about this incident yesterday, i was a bit skeptical at first. too bad it had to be true this time....

im in ur srvr
eatin ur dataz

Originally Posted by CannibalXampire
doom metal tries to invoke the feeling of being a really fat guy stuck in the trash compactor from Star Wars IV
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