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Originally Posted by sixsicsix
Im not feeding this argument anymore, dont bring this back to me

Good job. He can put that in the thread where it belongs if he wants to pursue it further.

On topic:
Originally Posted by matterthief
This is from an article on building stamina by Tony Franklin in GFPM taken from the book "Bass Secrets":

"Ex. 3 is a Jaco favorite, the 6th interval scale, which also helps develop dexterity"



EDit: These are 16th notes
Now that is an excellent exercise! Thanks for posting it.
How fast can you all play it perfectly ... I can only do it very slowly
Some people say to think outside the box.
I say do away with it. You can always stand in its former location if you need to make use of the perspective it gave you, but will benefit from the ability to situate yourself in different loci with ease.
Destroy the box.
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