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Hmmm I just watched the live video for it (Fermented Offal Discharge) on
You can't hear the bass very well, sometimes I couldn't hear it at all. That tapping part sounds wicked.
Does he do sweeps for these arpeggios? Are they the same thing as the guitar?
A cool song despite the poor recording quality because it is live.

Oh, and I don't have powertab on this computer, but I think I know why some people can't find the bass in powertab files. The bass clef is on a separate page from the treble clef, so if you want to see it, you need to press F3. That's just my guess why some people can't find the bass while other people are insisting that it should be there. If you can hear the bass when you press play, then there it is tabbed into the file.

I wouldn't want to try to learn that song yet, even if I cheated and did the easier thing for me: using fingers.

Edit: Fixed link.
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