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Originally Posted by Mordor
Hey i m looking for a neck pickup for my peavey v type (alder body, maple thru neck), I m searching for a pickup that will give me a nice clear defined tone for distorted solos that won't mud up and it has to have real good cleans.

I ve been looking at the dimarzio paf pro, seymour duncan jazz and the sd 59. Which one do u guys reckon is better? many thanks

I would go for the sd 59

Originally Posted by Wunderboy
What do you guys think about the Duncan LiveWire Metals? I checked out the website and it says that have really high output. It also says its an 18-volt. That means it requires two 9v batteries one pickup right?

I personally didn't like them the sound like emg's only more "sterile" If you like that go for it. But if you just want a lot of output get an dimarzio X2N. I have one, it will rip your face off. 510 mv output and it has clarity
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