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Originally Posted by timedragon
BrokenCrimson. well she just has to live with me and Bass' cave in Norway. (in the mountains )

You sick, sick man..NO WOMEN ALLOWED. ONLY TROLLS.

- Excrator..That's cool that you would say that man! Oddly enough I really don't put on a facade here. Although I'm sure I'm a nicer guy to strangers in person. IM SURE WE COULD HAVE A DANDY TIME.

Damnit, I want to make a list to show my love and affection to my fellow MTer..damnit.

How about anyone that hates Corona?
Bitches, Hoes And Corn Rows.

Originally Posted by moe_blunts
you done told me lots of thangs bout beer n shit and canada. have a grand ol cunt of a good time.

RIP moe.
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