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Originally Posted by Six_Feet_Under_420
yeah everyone on here would be cool to meet. the majority have metal intrests, play instruments. what could go wrong ? jamming is always fun

Music combines us, and brings us together in a harmony named unity. No, this didn't take any grass at all.
Of course, the existence of an internet forum is a help along the way.

Originally Posted by blizzard_beast
Yeah, any kewl reg.

There's quite a few of those around here.
But when I come down to Australia during my university studies, I'd very much like to hang out with FBS, just for the chance of seeing him, live, turn to a woman, growl SEX and then walk away with her. That sight would make me happy.
Listening to Cannibal Corpse and cutting trees with a chainsaw, now that's metal

"He preferred the hard truth over his dearest illusion. That, is the heart of science."
- Carl Sagan

"Imagination is more important than intelligence" - Einstein
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