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I dunno if its been posted cause i haven't read this whole thing. But what i really recommend is obviously learning solos to bands that you would like to somewhat sound like. And you'll realize that solos are completely composed in parts. What you can do is use those certain... .techniques and patterns composed in your own music or improv.

Its kind of hard to explain what i mean, but the part writting truly is the key. Basically something like... play long individual notes over the first section of the rhythm riff. Then on the 2nd repeat of the rhythm riff you could go into some sort of cool taps and end it with some sort of fast run through a scale. The 3rd repeat you could then do some sort of like 3 note speed picking (iron maiden does this alot). Then end the last riff with some sick taps and a huge bend at the end.

What really helps is breaking down and analyzing solos. And when you do that you'll understand what i mean by the composition of them. Eventually it will kind of almost be like legos. You'll put the pieces together in the other that you think would be perfect for the music.
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