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Originally Posted by rapeandruin
maybe i'm drunk or i'm deaf but isn't that a little anal? Shit all 3 of my guitars are not perfectly intonated and i never noticed unless i'm playing to songs...if you are playing live i think most people won't hear the difference...intonation is a fucking bitch sometimes...i was trying to intone my washburn today which is a hard-tail and it was worse than intoning my jackson which is a floyd long as it is close (i.e. 1/4 a step) to the actual tuning who gives a shit? 90% of people won't be able to tell the difference so who cares? If you are performing soon maybe it matters, but still...if you are playing in your room/house who gives a shit. I'm sure your roommates or your parents can't tell the difference. Metal is about being heavy as fuck and destroying all not worrying about some 1/4th step intonation problem...maybe that is just me...

ps. i'm drunk...
pss. i don't know how i can spell...
psss. i sound like a snake...

Definately not anal. An out of tune guitar makes you sound like an out of tune instrumentalist. No one wants to hear that.
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