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there are a few things you can do that may help.

follow the chord progression. if it switches between E5 and G5 every measure or two, try targeting the chord notes. so for E5 try to stay around the E, G or B. then when it switches to the G5 chord, try to target the G, B and D. for each chord pick 1 note that you want to get to. this gives you some direction so yours not playing random notes.

Listen to your ear. take the rhythm guitar and listen to it a few times. naturally youll start to hear some cool things in your head. once that happens, figure out how to play whats in your mind (even if it takes you a while). ultimately one should hear everything before he play it - your ear is good at improv, your fingers arent.

learn sequences/patterns. try odd sequences, say a 5 note ascending sequence for one measure or something, then a 7note descending sequence the next measure. using simple odd sequences will sound pretty cool even if they arent spectacular. message me if you have any questions
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