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I like quite alot of non-metal guitarists.

Steve Hackett [early Genesis - 1st to do sweeping and tapping back in the early 70's]
Robert Fripp [King Crimson]
Jeff Beck
David Gilmour [Pink Floyd]
Andy Summers [The Police & solo work]
Shawn Lane [R.I.P ]
Brian May [Queen]
Steve Howe [Yes]
Jan Akkerman [Focus]
Alex Lifeson [Rush - fuck yeah]
Terje Rypdal
Adrian Belew
David Torn [avant-garde guitar player who will fuckin' trip you out]
Al Di Meola
Steve Vai [in his 86 - 91 period, he was God]
Andres Segovia

...and there's so many others.

If we're not counting neoclassical dudes as metal, Malmsteen goes on the very top of my list. Love his playing, love his tone.

I love alot of classical guitar players, I also listen to lots of bass players, Mick Karn beng my favorite.

And fuck ignorant attitudes towards music. Fucking humans, always gotta ruin everything.

My award for the most unemotive shredder of all time goes to Francisco Faeri. That dude can sweep like no other, but sorry, he's boring as fuck, a one trick pony.
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