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Originally Posted by deifiler
Bang on. Malmsteen himself can play one note that rivals a run of 16 notes by himself (and that's a realistic figure, as oppose to 'thousands').

Malmsteen's song 'Blue' is a clear example to destroy people who are stuck up their arse in the imaginary rut that 'shredders can't play'. Malmsteen etc deliver versatility - If you disgaree that he can't play, check out his covers for a start, from Abba to Hendrix, then check out his various platforms, songs such as "Amberdawn", and the ever popular "Black Star" he made aged seventeen. I'm not saying he's the best guitarist, just defending him from uncultured pretentious acclaimed 'jazz lovers'; the people who spend four years doing a music course and think they're better musicians because they can sight read. (maybe I shot myself in the foot there, but again, Malmsteen can do all of that and the chords too, same goes for Jarzombek)

Plus with malmsteens unique tone, he can hit one note that emotes more than an average band can say with an entire album.

Here's to the downfall of the 'Soulful Blues faggots' if they can accept reality

Damm Right, the steen still rocks, his music can be a bit cheesy but he's still a tremendeous player.

People who say "It's all about the feeeling not the technical ability" (mainly blues guitarists who feel threatened by metal virtuosos) have to remember that epxression is part of technical ability and metal is more expressive than blues, for example metal vibrato is way more expressive than blues vibrato. Yngwie has goddam scalloped fretboards for more intense vibrato, you dont get more expressive than that.
And fast playing can be expressive as well ie that dude from Vader who does the runs with the wah wah pedal.

Anyway non metal, probably John Mcglauhlin (prob spelt wrong ) and Al Di Meola

Anyway violin virtuosos should be included because metal guitar virtuosity is modelled on the violin so I'd say Heifitz Kreisler and Vengerov (got his recording of the Sibelius concerto, fucking \m/)

Just because a guitarist doesn't shred doesn't mean he can't. I'm sure many jazz players could out-shred many worshipped metal players... Don't slit your own throat by only accepting metal, you'll sound just the same as some fake punk who only accepts punk as music...

hmmm yes some of them but if you don't practise fast and push yourself then you won't be able to preform fast, ie compare an experienced session violinist with a 18 year old virtuoso violinist...

Of course some Jazz guitarists can outshred some metal "virtuosos" (*cough* *cough* (Trivium) *cough* *cough*). But the great majority of virtuosos I know are metal (maybe that's just that Jazz shredders arent as widely renowned).

I find that Jazz guitarists who claim that metal virtuosos are rubbish often are ignorant about metal and just say this because they feel threatened.

Often Jazz & fusion drummers and Metal drummers get into debates like this and because Metal is a relatively new form of art music it is perceived by the less ereudite as having less oeuvre than Jazz fusion and yet I think that many metal (esp Death Metal) drummers are just as good if not better than Jazz Fusion Drummers.
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