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Originally Posted by brainsforbreakfast
I very much doubt metalheads are the kind of folk who'd subscribe to sms bulletins.

Altough I would've given it a shot, if I lived in the states.

Really? Why d'you say that? I figured as long as the content was good enough, and it wasn't too expensive, people would enjoy the opportunity to be more connected to the scene. But that's just me, I guess. :-)

Originally Posted by Infinity
i subscribe to sms bulletin to earache.

Originally Posted by blizzard_beast
I don't subscribe, though I do get random text messages from Earache. Have no idea how I got on their list of numbers though.

Really? I couldn't find any links or anything on their website indicating any kind of alert service or such... Maybe they just spam?

There is actually one service that seems to be offering interesting metal alerts (for free), but I signed up a month ago and still haven't received a single message...

Keep the thoughts coming though, I'd love to hear more what people think about such a service...
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