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I had lots of jobs before I joined the Navy. One of my most favorites has been construction/demolition but metal music is my absolute favorite/dream job. Anytime I worked with metal music in the past I have been in bliss.

As a kid I used to cut yards and sell mistletoe during X-mass that I used to shoot down with a BB gun, I picked apples for a month ( and still have the Death album I bought with that money ) at age 14 and said fuck that, I worked at Mc Donald's for 6 months and wished I was picking apples again. I detailed/cleaned used cars at a auto dealer for the rest of High school and did student work in the ER and VA hospital. I was a security guard for 6 months when starting college, started working construction during the summer and school breaks, and started working as a medic. Later I got burned out on medical work, got a job doing auto repo, court summons, and locating people ( scary shit really ) and then went back to medicine and construction. Then I got scared because I didn't have the energy for 2 jobs, full time college, and a world of personal problems. I lost hope, dropped college for a semester, dropped the medic job, but stayed with construction. I made enough money to not be a bum, but I was living where I could ( homeless basically ). My old medic partner ( cool retired Army intel dude ) called the Navy ( he liked the Navy programs better ) and told them he had a friend they couldn't do without. I had told his ass not to call them but he did it anyway I was pissed at first but I needed the Navy as much as they needed me.

At first I was like, "Fine, the military is a really good move for me but NOT the Navy. They got fucked up looking uniforms". My friend put his word in but other branches were not so happy to see me. I went to the other branches and they treated me the way I looked at the time. Like a long haired metalhead smartass. All of a sudden other branch uniforms didn't look so sharp. In fact one of the first questions I remember being asked was, "Can you pass a drug test"? Yes I could. I don't and didn't do any kind of drugs, but I could read the rolling eyes and expression of, "Yeah right", in the recruiters. I was insulted and hurt but I also judged them on their first reactions to me too. They never contacted me back either. If they couldn't accept me and be willing to help transform me when I was willing than fuck them too. I didn't want to be apart of any branch that thought that way. Isn't what skills, willingness, and dedication to a change more important then what I looked like? The Navy listened, accepted, and believed in me. They helped me with everything and tried to explain everything to me, but the military has taken time to understand. The Navy uniforms slowly began to not look so fucked up.

Next thing I know, I did good on many test, the Navy nuclear program was open to me along with some major extra $$$ ( I was a sci-fi/AD&D junky ) and I lit a fire under their ass I was 22 and the oldest in my nuke class and kicking ass.

Then real war came and life started to suck for the rest of many peoples lives. The Nuke program is an insane thing alone but with the stress of killing on top of that... I could ever describe what kind of training one could except to receive there and in the fleet. Lets put it this way, most Navy SEALS are willing to do anything but the Nuke program and the same goes for Nukes wanting to do the SEALS program. Both are a living hell. It couldn't be done anyway because you are only allowed one special program in the military.

6 years later I'm about to finish my end of the deal with the Navy and I hope I'll see you all at OzzFest If not OzzFest then I hope I see you while living my dream on some stage.
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