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usually its just a phase where you renovate after, sometimes jobs would keep me for the renovation part so its not all demo,all the time.

i worked for a restaurant and had the pleasure of annihilating the structure inside, walls,piping ceiling,floor with a pirate crew of local musicians and friends. that was a real fun gig, was fed high end foods for free nearly everyday.

ive since worked in warehouses doing similiar stuff, its all odd job stuff,temporary work. it doesnt pay good and its not a career type thing unless you want to work with a construction company, there are different kinds obviously but i dont want full time work, i like being a musician with spare time and i dont care to make bank and invest in the future unless i stop with the music as a central focus.

thats too demanding for me and you gotta do carpentry,dry-wall, it involves alot of ward work and learning stuff thats kinda a bummer in comparison. i respect people who work trade such as construction, but id never work for a company. gentrification areas in my city would be the places to work, i dont want to build condos for yuppie scum who will price me out of my own nieghborhood, displace alot of minorities and so forth.

a junkyard sounds cool, i met a dude who in upstate NY who lived in a house in front of one and helps running it.
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