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Originally Posted by low-tech
as cool as it sounds i dont know if i could play games all day. the pay sounds decent tho so id definately would take a job like that if offered

demolition is the funnest job for me. my favorite thing was ripping out plaster ceilings with the ferring strips. id get two hammers and just fuck.....shit.....up, pull down the whole ceiling on my head, deconstruction is cool too. ripping up tile floors im in heaven.

the shit makes you tough too, its like a hard workout everyday for 8-10 hours. take the bus home looking like you just killed a whole village and burned the place down, covered in burns<from grinders>and cut<falling debris>your hands all fucked up, dirt and woodchips all over your clothes. i love that shit

That sounds awesome man. What could be more fun than fucking shit up, getting a work out and actually being paid for it!?
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