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Which is the 'better' way to play this sweep? Its from Fermented Offal Discharge (but played in standard E tuning), and I personally prefer the second way, because i don't like the hammer-on at the start of the first.

|-------------12h17p12-------------| |-----------13--------13-----------| |---------14------------14---------| |-------14----------------14-------| |--12h15--------------------15p12--| |----------------------------------|

|---------8h12t17p12p8---------| |-------10------------10-------| |------9----------------9------| |----10------------------10----| |--12----------------------12--| |------------------------------|

I prefer to tap the 17 in the second sweep, as i find it hard to do the 12/17 hammer-on in the first, but should i be trying to get that somewhat stretched hammer-on correct?

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