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Originally Posted by OpethFan
I thought that crap was automated, which is why some sites have that code thing you have to enter before you can register.

Or are there actually people who get paid to post that shit everywhere?

It's gotten (gotten?) worse lately I've noticed though.

The last thing we need is someone posting replies telling them to die in every fucking spam thread, because, well if you havent noticed... It isnt working

What about calling the number they give for all of their shit and THEN tell them to die? I'm sure it would at least make them think twice if they kept getting called every minute by a different pissed off metalhead.
Originally Posted by Darko
Compare these people to the norm, say, Muhammed SuiÁmez for instance who seems to think that lots of poorly strung together riffs spaced awkwardly around fancy monotonous sweeps covers up the fact that his ideas and songs are really quit boring.
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