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Originally Posted by Valtiel
Haha chill, I never said ANYTHING about it effecting technique or ability, just someting to consider when buying a bass, i.e. something with a slimmer neck if he has really small hands. Wouldnt want to to give someone with tiny hands a Warwick. Hand size does matter, given that you obviously play with them, their size will be something to consider.

And yes I know all about Jean Baudin and his extended range insanity. And if the dumbass was directed at me, that wasnt necessary and neither was the technique lesson. Im sorry, its just ive always been a stickler for having everything to do with an instrument, playing or otherwise as flawless as humanly possible. 'bout that. Had a few too many that night, and being a 6-string bass player with quite small hands, I guess I took it a little too personally...nothing bothers me more than someone watching me at a gig, then coming up saying, "I could never play a bass like that, my hands are way too small" I usually just compare hand size with them, and watch them walk away hanging their heads in shame.


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