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Melodic Black Metal

Ok, none of this "raw gr1m" shit..and other than COF and DB(which I don't really care for, but that is my business), what are your favourite melodic black metal bands? I want to get more into the genre, so please help one another out.

Shade Empire(more so their first cd, it's amazing)
Twilight Opera(more so their last cd)
Blinded By Faith
Mourn In Silence(except I think you have to email the band to get their cds)

I think I just enjoy powerful sounding keyboards sometimes with metal, they just can add so much more substance.

And there are so many bands I find that are similar to this genre..L3T D@ F/\5 I]@N{3 83G1N!!
Bitches, Hoes And Corn Rows.

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