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Originally Posted by Vomitor
I am interested to know some of the major tonal quality differences between active and passive. As I read the active ones have more punch, I guess due to the higher output power caused by the battery? I checked out the Ibanez yesterday and most all of them had passive pickups. I also saw some paul reed smith's, one which was even fretless that looked pretty cool. I played a few warwicks but noticed that the way it was constructed it would be almost impossible to play from around the 22nd-24th frets. It may not be that important, but why bother designing it with that many when it's practically useless unless you do some special technique. Does wood affect the tone in any way? I am looking for something as I said for metal, but would like also for it to be able to have a nice warm sound for melodies.

I cant really explain the differences between passive and active in english,
actives usually give alot more louder and punchier sound.
Depends which Ibanez you were looking at, As far as I remember most
of the middle range models have active bartolinis.
I know what you mean by impossible to play, some models have that problem, but its not only Warwick, its mostly with any manufacter. My Warwick has 26 frets + the neck goes through the body = every fret is available for use.
I've grown to like neck through basses the most, they have a more warm sound too when compared to bolt-on's (atleast I think so)
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