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Now I don't want to restrain myself any longer. You're metalheads, right? Fans and practicioners of a music and sub-culture putting independence and the virute of thinking for yourself among the highest ideals, yesno?
Whenever the mods detect spamming, as far as I have seen they do not delete the thread, they lock it. They do that because they don't want some dickhead to keep it right up in our noses by posting in it, so that it might just die the silent death of being forgotten. Seeing as we are all exponents of doing things without the direction of rules and bans, I don't see why this way of fighting spam should even need the intervention of mods, administrators or scripts. If you don't want a new nokia blaha-jitjat-65-73 or a dildo la alexis, don't post in them and they might even be so far down the list when a mod comes around that they don't have to give a damn, and a happy FBS, PST and powers is a happy
I rest my dumb case.
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