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Originally Posted by Vomitor
I live in the D.C. area

Its enough for you to live in the states, we have around 3 shops in the town
and every shop carries around 5 different basses.

Now the resale thing.
You might want to buy an used bass thats utter shit, you can always
resell it for the same price if its cheap enough.
I'd always suggest to buy a used bass, preferably from a trusted source.

I've only played a few Fender 5-string basses, but I could already tell
from those two that they should just stick in making 4-string models.

Just go check out the five stringed ones by:

Ibanez (I only have a little experience with them, some have
shitty B strings and some have wide necks, i.e. BTB series)
Spector (performer and legend series are affordable gems)
Warwick (you can get a Corvette STD for like 600$ as used)
Yamaha (not much to say, only played a few basses, they were decent)

But dont bother with Washburns and Warwick rocbasses,
those are usually full of shit from my experience.

People tend to say get a 4 string first, they might be right, cant tell.
My first bass was a 5 stringed one, but I still ended up getting a 4 string
as my main bass. See for yourself, I dont really have that much of a use
for a 5 string one at this point, I might have in a year or two though.
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