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Becker, on the first 2 quotes...

Obviously you dont, (no offence)


No you dont, the whole idea of sweeping is so you DONT have to alternate pick across strings

I meant Like Up on the D, Down on the G, Up on the B etc...

Morbid, you missed my point too...

but you have to remember, lots of sweeping arpeggios and solo's are played differently on the way up, therefore, NO, its not the same if you constantly play it down.

eg; (sweeping minor arpeggio with a veriation on way back)


now, are you trying to tell me you would play that:



if so, yes, its still sweeping...but, its WRONG! it does NOT sound the same

I MEANT.... when i head up i still use down strokes, Look at first example you posted, i'd do the entire thing on down strokes, 2nd one, i dont do..


is it still sweeppicking if you downpick EVERY NOTE (on the way down (up in pitch), i.e D - G - B - E, then downpick going E, B, G, D, As your meant to Up, then down, then up, then down, etc, i wanna know iof its still sweeping if you just downpiack everynote
well maybe for you ...maybe you don't know shit that's why - LØRD MALPHAS
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