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Originally Posted by Vomitor
Ah and though they sound good I'm not a big fan of those battery operated pickups, what are they called EMG's? I just know I played with a guitar that had one and it was fun, but then the battery died.....end of fun. What sort of pickups come with the Ibanez basses? This probably doesn't matter a whole lot, but if I can say that pickups on guitar are pretty important, not sure about bass.

As you go higher up the quality list, you will usually find more basses are fitted with active pickups. EMGs are a particular brand of active pickups and one of the best examples of how they can make a guitar sound at least, I don't think I have ever seen them for basses though. But yeah, most of the time with active pickups the battery will last 16-24 hours of playing time depending on how long you play. The Ibanez SR505 is outfitted with Bartiloni's which are pretty fuckin sweet and the same pickups Flea uses. Active pickups do tend to get really annoying when you are playing and then the sound suddenly dies, but with a little maintence, you can really get a louder, punchier sound.
Originally Posted by Darko
Compare these people to the norm, say, Muhammed SuiÁmez for instance who seems to think that lots of poorly strung together riffs spaced awkwardly around fancy monotonous sweeps covers up the fact that his ideas and songs are really quit boring.
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