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i didnt know we had so many whiny cunts on this site, its almost depressing, i mean, no offense to anyone, but dissection does have a certain history of being a whiner, as do several other of the people complaining about the situation, ESPECIALLY when it has to do with Bia. its fucking pathetic. you know, i have given this site a good portion of the last 3 years of my life, and i have never seen such a pissing contest between the mods and the regulars. the fact is, no matter how much you agree or disagree, YOU DONT RUN THE FUCKING SITE, Nomad has entrusted that duty to certain people he has deemed fit to keep this bitchfest of a forum somewhat sane. there hasnt been a mod yet that i havent gotten along with, and they have yet to do something i disagree with. you know why that is, my little high school foruum trolls? because they have been here longer than you, and they know what nomad wants. so quit your fucking bitching, for christs sake.
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