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I think it's okay for somebody to say 'males who like dp are homos, ya flaming mary,' yes. I don't think that saying that could be said to instigate a fight - I don't think a fight happened. What I think happened was that Bia cracked a joke about people who like dp, Robbie got insulted and said something back, Steve told them both to drop it, Robbie didn't, and he got an incredibly brief suspension. If you've got a leg to stand on - and if you could take a clear-eyed look at this you'd know you don't - it's in the fact that Bia also posted something after Steve told them both to drop it. Nobody got any kind of punishment for what he said but rather for the circumstances in which he said it. So, please, learn to deal.

People keep getting suspended over Bia because a lot of you find her annoying, not because she's particularly belligerent. I don't even suspend the people I dislike just because I dislike them and find them annoying, so I'm definitely not going to do it for anyone else.

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