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Sorry to slide my nose right into the anus of this, but -

It goes

Robbie - 'Here are some DP pics fro you all'

Bia - 'If you're male and like're a small step away from being a FLAMING QUEER....which there's nothing wrong with but yeah....


^ Homo being the firestarter here

Robbie - 'Not really you stupid fucking whore.

And those pics of that erin girl are fucking hot.'

^ Retaliation

Followed by more bitching. Before robbie's bring up of double penetration there hadnt been any conflict...

That's how I see it, not to take sides but yeah
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Originally Posted by BOB_ZE_METALLEU
yeah, one night he (BassBehemoth) came with some GHB and he put it in my drink, when i woke up....i lost my hymen....terrible

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