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Originally Posted by aFarewelltoKings
Ok guys ive been in a band for about a year now and we have gotten nothing done.We just got a singer who i hate and he disrespects my family all the time.Should i leave and a start a technical or doom metal band? The band im in now plays stuff like shinedown(other wise known as shit)

Well what are the other musicians interested in? If all they are keen to play is Shinedown, which better not be fucking christian metal... You obviously need to leave and start something new. If any of them are interested in leaving and helping you found the new band, bonus.
There really isnt much else to do, leaving is easier than kicking everyone out lol.
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yeah, one night he (BassBehemoth) came with some GHB and he put it in my drink, when i woke up....i lost my hymen....terrible

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