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Originally Posted by iamacorpse666
Ok Guys so I Have a Old Ovation Guitar lying here and i need a drop c tuning to be its standerd how do i need to do springs and all that fun stuff its not a fylod or anything just a shitty trem thanks for replies if i get any

Ok, what I'm getting from this broken English is that you have a guitar, and you want to down tune it so that Drop C is it's proper tuning. First you need it intonated (makes it so that your open string and your 12th and 24th fretsd are the same note). I'm not a master of this, so take it to a pro. I know it has to do with moving the sadles and adjusting the truss rod but that's the extent of my knowledge. Also, work on punctuation. Took me a couple times to figure out what the hell you were saying.
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