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Originally posted by xDarkestHourx
I think having a need for musical theory is bullshit...I mean the stuff I do I stumble upon, you can't tread where no one's gone if you're constantly using other people's patterns and theory...then again I do write music that flips back and forth between 4/4, 5/4. 6/8. 7/4. 7/8, and kinda tie it back together. I'm no master at it or anything, I just think there's a lot less that's been done in those categories. Maybe that's just my ol' unconventional chaotic hardcore playin mind talkin, but that's how I feel about that.

Like it or not you are using theory and what ever you play has theory behind it whether you know it or not. no matter how daft a sound u make its can only be so many intervals apart from the last sound, thus it will fall into some scale theres not 1 run ever made that doesnt have theory behind it or cant be put into some scale, the only difference is that the person who knows theory will understand what he has played and you wont, you can play any of yer offtime licks using any notes and itll come from some scale or a combination of scales changing and I or anyone who knows even basic will learn more from your riff then you, if you know that yer riffs use those time signatures yer using theory to classify the signatures yer playing in, EVERYTHING can be classfied as belonging to some scale, key time siq, tempo no matter how strange daft weird or complex it is.
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